this page shows some of the world environmental disasters as well as environmental pollution: Every one of  us is much concerned with what is taking place around the world, it touches every single living organism in one way or another: these disasters that occurs or pollution that every single human does every day in one way or another is grabbing our future from our hands without knowing ourselves . Imagine in every single day around the world millions of trees are cut down by man.Imagine how  a man  is working hard day to day destroying our beautiful sky by introducing harmful gases into the sky through burning forests,smoke from cars and smokes from industries, Gas leak n.k.   Everyday lakes and oceans loses its biodiversity through water Pollution by Oil Leakage in the Ocean something which is under our control : The survival of our environment is the survival of our lives, just like how everyone is much care about protecting hr/his life let it be the same about protecting our world. Your World Your life, together we can keep our world a safe place!! it Begins with You.

I may not be able to reach every one around the world and tell what i feel or how much am concerned about ENVIRONMENTS but by blogging I may reach where my THOUGHTS wants to reach.I wish I could be able to reach and tell every one in the World about this.But through this blog am knocking at your door.I   have tried to collect from various sources some of the world disasters and environmental pollution just to remind everyone of you where we are taking our World and how unknowing  we Surrender our future into unsafe Hands! Get involved in saving our world by stopping environmental pollution or even by just telling your friend HOW MUCH WORTH PROTECTING OUR PLANET EARTH! Wish you could join this war."